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Tulsa OBGYN Society

The Tulsa OB-GYN Society operates on a not-for-profit basis for benevolent, charitable, educational and scientific purposes to promote women's health and welfare, and for the mutual improvement of the Society and the members of the Society. We hold six meetings throughout the year and are educational and social.

Active membership consists of physicians whose practice of medicine is limited to obstetrics/gynecology or a subspecialty of obstetrics/gynecology. Application for active membership shall be chosen from physicians in Tulsa County and the surrounding area, that have demonstrated their abilities and adherence to ethical and moral principles of the obstetrics/gynecology profession, a willingness to support and elevate the standards of the Society and the practice of obstetrics/gynecology in and outside of Tulsa County. Further, physician candidates for membership should demonstrate a personality agreeable to the spirit of the Society and its membership.

  • Tulsa OB-GYN Society is affiliated with both OU & OSU Tulsa OB-GYN Departments.

  • Tulsa OB-GYN Society works directly with OKACOG, District VII

As the President, I hope you will consider participating with your colleagues in the OB-GYN Society. The Society is organized for educational and scientific purposes to promote women’s health and welfare, for the mutual improvement of the Society, and in addition, the opportunity to socially network with your peers.

William Po, MD Tulsa OB-GYN Society President

For Membership: Contact Joetta Cunningham or 918-743-6184


OB-GYN Resident Research Night 2023 - Bedlam OU and OSU

On May 11, 2023 the Tulsa OB-GYN Society hosted the first annual OU and OSU Resident Research Night. OB-GYN Residents from both schools presented their presentations to faculty and members with questions and feedback. We look forward to more events throughout the year and next years OB-GYN Resident Research Night. For more information, contact Joetta Cunningham or 918-743-6184


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