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Health Information Exchange (HIE) Updates & Resources

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) recently established an UPDATED set of guidelines regarding various types of HIE exemptions that can be provided for physicians who may not need to be included. In addition, OHCA has updated the exemption form and is requiring providers who have previously requested an exemption to complete the UPDATED form.

If you need an HIE exemption, please review the most UPDATED guidelines and submit an exemption request using the UPDATED form if you do not fall under one of the broad-base exemption options for both transmitting data and utilizing the health information exchange. UPDATE: What Will This Cost? For those physicians with a compatible EMR, there should be no additional costs. For those contracting directly with MyHealth, costs could be up to $5,000 for initial setup. The Legislature has appropriated $30 million to fund these costs. We have been told OHCA plans to pay MyHealth directly and that physicians will not be required to pay for the initial setup and then be reimbursed. However, as of this writing, OHCA has not put out anything officially saying how this process will be handled.

Please note that if you completed an exemption request previously, you must also submit the updated form. Requests will not be processed as the UPDATED form must be submitted. If you have questions about the exemption process or forms, please contact OHCA at

To help physicians better understand Oklahoma's HIE program, OSMA has developed a FAQ.


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