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TCMS President's Letter - July 2023

Here it comes, y’all….the HEAT!! Welcome to Oklahoma!!

July is typically one of our hotter months and for those of you who have recently moved to the area to begin new careers and to start residency, we wish to welcome you to our version of “Sun-Kissed”.

For those of you reading this and starting your first year of residency, welcome to the worlds of “is that correct?” and “is that all?” You will be spending these next few years putting into practice many of the principles that you have learned over the past four years. Can you do it? Why, yes you can! Getting to this point in your training certifies that you have what it takes and that you are already successful – now walk in that truth and work your way into becoming the best physician that any patient could ever hope to have. If you should stumble along the way (as we all have), regain your footing and proceed on your path because that is the only way to get to the finish line. Your attending physicians are your allies and your cheerleaders because we recognize that your success directly determines our future. The Tulsa Count Medical Society is here to help support and uplift you as you make your way on this journey. Congratulations!

We have wrapped up our 2023 Legislative season where we and the Oklahoma State Medical Association successfully lobbied and fought for a $30M state appropriations bill to help pay for the connection fees associated with the statewide Health Information Exchange. These funds will help defray the costs for healthcare providers who must participate in this mandate. Thank you for your phone calls and for reaching out to your representatives in order to help achieve this goal.

The OSMA has been successful in so many efforts aimed at protecting physicians and allowing us to practice evidence-based medicine professionally and without underhanded oversight. Please take some time to read the newsletters that are periodically sent regarding the work that they are doing on our behalf and the opportunities for CME.

For those of you who were able to join us for our Drillers Night, thank you for coming out to fellowship with one another and with the TOMS group. If you missed it this year, fret not. Hopefully, we will be able to co-host again next year. The TCMS Foundation is working on member appreciation activities for the fall so stay tuned.

The summer is a great time for relaxing, grilling, and socializing. July is a month recognized annually for these things as most vacations occur during this month. If you are traveling, travel safely. If you are spending time at the beach, wear that sunscreen. If you are just taking time off to relax, enjoy!

The start of this month concludes the first half of my role leading TCMS. It has been a pleasurable learning experience as I have been afforded the opportunity to meet so many talented individuals who have helped craft the medical landscape in our community. I have also appreciated the value of “checking in”. Sometimes we are so busy that we forget to check on others and on ourselves. So, please remember to reach out to your friends and colleagues and let them know that you are thinking about them. We have technology now, so you can send a quick message that does not have to be filled with fluff or mush. Just a quick, “Hey, I was thinking about you and hope all is well” can be the text that changes the course of someone’s life. Be that friend…

Sharon Smallwood, MD

2023 TCMS President

“Living your best life also means giving your best you.”


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