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Scholarship Program // Legacy Scholarships

History of Tulsa County Medical Society Foundation Scholarship Fund Trust


The Fund was established in 1964 as a 501 (c) 3 organization, from proceeds received from a community-wide mass immunization for Polio sponsored by TCMS. In 2010, the fund became a program of the Tulsa County Medical Society Foundation. The Fund had a total of $31,500 in the beginning. It was envisioned that approximately $2,500.00 annually would be presented until the fund was depleted.


To date, over $1.49 million in scholarships has been given to 1,333 medical students.


The number of applications received annually ranges from 25 to 40.


The spending policy of the Scholarship Fund is to distribute 5% of its market value yearly.


The following awards, totaling $32,500 are made annually:


  • TCMS President’s Leadership Award 

  • TCMS Foundation Community Service Award 

  • OU Dean’s Leadership Award

  • OSU Dean’s Leadership Award 

  • Charles James Bate Memorial Award 

  • The Betty Louise Conrad Memorial Scholarship Award 

  • The Mona Whitmire Scholarship for Medical Students Award 


Also a Leadership Fund was established to assist students who attend AMA/OSMA/AOA/OOA meetings.


The Tulsa Surgical Society contributed over $50,000.00 to the TCMS Scholarship Fund over the 17 years until their organization disbanded in 2016. Tulsa Surgical Society Scholarship Awards were presented to medical students who have indicated an interest in a surgical specialty.


While there is no obligation for students to repay the grants, they are encouraged once in practice, to consider a contribution to the Fund, in at least the amount they have received. This will ensure that future medical students will receive assistance from the Fund.


Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be in Sophomore, Junior or Senior year, and

  2. Must be enrolled and in good standing at one of the following medical schools, OU School of Community Medicine or OSU College of osteopathic medicine.


Students are also asked to make a statement about their long-range career plans, interest in medicine, community service and leadership activities.

You can easily make a donation to the Medical Scholarship Program by using the link below. Your gift makes a difference!

Scholarship Application


Tulsa County Medical Society Foundation is now receiving applications from eligible medical students for its 2023-2024 Scholarship Awards. These are cash grants which do not have to be repaid.


To be eligible, students must be in good standing and enrolled in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year (in the 2023-2024 academic year) at OU School of Community Medicine-Tulsa or OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine-Tulsa. Applications must be received by TCMS by Monday, August 31st.


All applicants will be notified of the results and recipients will be announced during the month of October. Scholarship awardees will be recognized at the TCMS Annual Meeting in November.


Previous recipients are not eligible to apply.


TCMS Foundation Scholarship Program


The TCMS Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is dedicated to:

  • Improving Community Health: Unifying organizations to enhance the health of people in and around Tulsa County.

  • Advancing Medicine: Continuing the Society’s legacy in advancing the medical profession and the physician-patient relationship.

  • Supporting Education: Providing scholarships to medical students through educational and charitable giving.

  • Creating a Lasting Legacy: Ensuring the enduring impact of the Tulsa County Medical Society.

Our Impactful Programs

  • Education: Addressing the financial needs of medical students by offering scholarships annually.

  • Community: Promoting civic responsibility through charitable gifts, outreach, and volunteerism.

  • History: Preserving the rich history of medicine and public health in Tulsa County through education and special programs.

Ways to Give

Support future physicians and leave a lasting legacy through various giving options:

  1. Direct Cash Donation: Click here to donate directly to the scholarship fund.

  2. Grateful Patients Program: Encourage patients to donate in your honor. Contact us at to share patient stories and fundraising events in our monthly newsletter.

  3. Grateful Family Program: Friends and family can donate in honor of special occasions like birthdays, retirements, or in memory of a loved one.

  4. Legacy Giving: Include the TCMS Foundation in your will to make a lasting impact. We work with Professional Advisors to help you leave a legacy that benefits the community for generations.

  5. Memorial Gifts: Establish a fund in memory of a loved one, potentially creating a named scholarship to honor them.

  6. Named Scholarships: Create a personalized scholarship with a minimum endowment of $25,000. Set the scholarship criteria based on interests, leadership potential, or academic achievements.

Establishing an Endowed Scholarship

  1. Create an Endowment: Work with our staff to establish an endowed scholarship in the name of a loved one or yourself. Endowments start with a minimum of $25,000, contributed in full or over a period of time. 

  2. Set Scholarship Criteria: Choose the name and criteria for the scholarship, such as area of interest, leadership potential, or academic achievement. Our staff will help you craft the criteria to meet your intentions.

  3. Administer Funds: A selection committee, reviews applications and selects recipients based on donor-established criteria. Major contributors are notified annually about the recipients and invited to meet them at the Annual Scholarship Awards Dinner.

Tax Benefits of Funding a Scholarship

An outright gift in cash or appreciated securities offers immediate tax benefits, including potential capital gains tax avoidance. You can also establish a scholarship through your estate plans, providing lasting support without affecting your current income.

For more information, contact TCMS Executive Director, Mark McElreath, at

FAQs About Individual Named Scholarships

  • How are scholarships awarded? Potential recipients are identified by their medical schools and selected by a committee based on established criteria.

  • How are scholarship names chosen? The major benefactor establishes the scholarship name, which can honor a friend, family member, organization, or faculty member.

  • How are selection criteria established? Donors express their intentions, and our staff drafts the criteria for approval.

  • Will I be notified of the scholarship award? Yes, you will be notified annually of the recipient’s name, hometown, award amount, and fund status. Your scholarship will also be recognized in the Tulsa Medicine newsletter, at the Annual Meeting and Scholarship Awards Dinner, and online.

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