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Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) 

The Tulsa County Medical Society (TCMS) is absolutely thrilled to announce the establishment of yet another benefit to membership.


The TCMS has entered a partnership with AdvantageTrust (a division of HealthTrust) to provide exclusive discount vendor pricing to our membership.


As we move forward, the terminology, "AdvantageTrust" and "HealthTrust" will be used interchangeably on a regular basis.


HealthTrust operates one of the largest group purchasing organizations (GPO) in the country, representing physician practices and over 1,600 hospitals.


For those who may not be familiar, a GPO contracts with vendors using the buying power of its aggregate membership to achieve optimum pricing/discounts. AND NOW, as a member of the TCMS, you qualify to be a part of its AdvantageTrust GPO. HealthTrust offers contracted products and services for all of your physician office needs, including:

  • Medical Supplies

  • Laboratory products and services

  • IT products and service solutions

  • Cell phone service

  • And More!


Utilizing your TCMS/AdvantageTrust GPO membership benefits is easy. For medical supplies, if you are using McKesson, Henry Schein, or Medline as your distributor, the transition will be seamless. Once your practice is enrolled (this is accomplished by completing all of the required fields in the sign-up form below), prices in your account will change to reflect the HealthTrust discount pricing; however, you will need to contact your preferred distributor and let them know you are a member of HealthTrust. If you have not signed up with one of these distributors, Medline appears to offer the best rates at this time.


For other vendors, which may also be extended to your employees, you will be provided a letter with an enrollment number that you can give to these vendors. Some other vendors include: Staples, AT&T, Stericycle and many others. 






Using the link below, access and complete the GPO Sign-Up Form. This is a TCMS and OSMA members only benefit, so join today if you are not yet a member! Once your form is completed, we will submit the information to HealthTrust.




Look for an informational letter to be emailed to you, followed by an official New Member Welcome Letter that will contain your HealthTrust ID Number, a.k.a., GPOID, a few other onboarding forms to be completed, and, a link to the AdvantageTrust online portal.




You will be instructed to contact your current distributors and inform them of your participation in the TCMS/AdvantageTrust GPO.




Place your orders as you have always done, and enjoy the savings.


Should you have any questions, please contact executive director, Mark McElreath, at

Not a member? Join today and take advantage of this member only benefit! JOIN NOW >>

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