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Oklahoma is now more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for qualified health care workers is more evident not only across Oklahoma, but nationwide. Tulsa Tech is training students to step in and fill that void. Clinical hours provide students the hands-on, real-world application to the training that they receive in the classroom. Programs at Tulsa Tech have a direct impact on the medical industry and health care within Green Country. Hundreds of students graduate each year ready for work.

"Our Medical Assisting students are the first face you will see at a doctor's office," Kaydee Clark, Medical Assisting Instructor, said. "These are the people that take your vitals and perform tests for everything from strep to COVID-19." The pandemic has taken a toll on our students' ability to get the clinical practice they need. Medical Assisting students must complete clinical work to be able to earn a national certification.

"Tulsa Tech requires students to complete 135 clinical hours to complete the program," Clark said. "These clinical hours are critical for real-world experience and are truly a long-term interview for our students." Clark knows the value of Tulsa Tech programs. She took the same Medical Assisting class she now teaches when she was in high school. She says the work-based experience she gained was invaluable to her career.

"I am a direct product of Tulsa Tech," Clark said with a smile. "This has been one of the longest-running programs at Tulsa Tech." A 2019 report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the need for Medical Assistants will grow by 20% by 2029. Adult and high school students can train for this high-demand career at our Health Sciences Center and Owasso Campus.

"Our Medical Assisting program is the largest in Oklahoma," Clark said with pride. "Our students need these clinical hours to grow their skills and help meet the needs of our industry."

You can help by partnering for a work-based experience and help train the next generation with Tulsa Tech. To join forces with our medical assisting students, please contact Candace Shoopman directly at 918-828-1212 or for more information.


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