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TCMS President's Letter - February 2023

As an Oklahoman, I commonly refer to the month of February as the “Ice Month”. Arriving here nearly 30 years ago from Virginia, I was stunned when I became an unwilling participant in my very first ice storm while living as a medical student in Oklahoma City. Sure, we had snow, wind, and heat in Virginia, but I had never witnessed an ice storm and I remember thinking to myself, “This seems so wrong!” Nevertheless, I learned how to maneuver my vehicle on icy roads and have become quite adept at driving during inclement weather. In preparation to help lead the Tulsa County Medical Association this year, I have viewed this new role as a similarly daunting task. However, with the assistance and guidance of the past presidents, OSMA leadership, and the dedicated TCMS staff, I am equipped to successfully begin and end this journey!

Also occurring this month is the start of the Oklahoma Legislative season. There are various bills of interest coming through the State House and Senate. Among some of the most controversial are The Millstone Act of 2023 and other related bills aimed at regulating how health care providers manage gender defining and transition care issues. Do you know about these pieces of legislation? Do you have an opinion on them? Yes, you do because we are doctors who have opinions on many things (many things). Check your calendars and remember to sign up for Doc of the Day at the State Capitol. If you are retired, retiring, or just have the interest (as you all should), this is your opportunity to meet your legislators and discuss issues that are pertinent to you and/or your colleagues. If they do not hear it from you, who will inform them? Click here for availability and to reserve your day.

Here are a few other items of interest for this month:

  • Black History Month is an opportunity for all to discover something new about African- Americans and our impact on issues affecting Tulsa area communities. An Honorable mention and congratulations goes out to, Dr. Jabraan Pasha who was recently appointed as the Vice-President of Health Equity for Juno Medical. Dr. Pasha will lead a team of diversified and talented physicians and other medical providers as the medical director for the organization’s first healthcare clinic in the Tulsa area.

  • Focusing on all aspects of cardiovascular health occurs during this month. Go Red for Women has been a national campaign centered on the recognition, treatment and education of stroke and heart disease in women. Remember to wear Red on February 3rd to support this dynamic cause, and ensure that you acknowledge our colleagues on that day as it also Nation Women Physicians Day.

  • Prepare your evening schedules for the Health Information Exchange (HIE), Whiskey, & Wine event set for March 2, 2023. The link to sign up is on page 4.

  • February 2nd is Groundhog Day – Do not live the same nightmare over and over again wondering if your TCMS dues have been paid. Call the office at 918.743.6184 and ask… then pay! Your support matters!

Finally, February is best known for being the month of love as it features Valentine’s Day. Often, we see symbols of love expressed using hearts of various sizes and colors. For the members of the Tulsa County Medical Society, our hearts are intertwined within our service. Physicians are compassionate beings who seek to improve the health and welfare of our patients, and a large part of our mission at TCMS is to demonstrate that compassion through Project TCMS (Tulsa Charitable Medical Services). By volunteering medical services and talents, we are able to display our ability to affect the well-being of our community in a positive manner. If you specialize in a discipline that can be used to enhance or improve the health of patients who are inadequately insured and you have not signed up to participate in Project TCMS, please strongly consider joining us in this endeavor. The Tulsa area community is waiting on you!

I look forward to seeing you all on February 24th at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel!! If you have not sent your RSVP for the Inauguration and Retiree Dinner, please do so TODAY! (See page 4 for the information to RSVP)


Sharon C. Smallwood, M.D.


Tulsa County Medical Society

“Alignment is obtained when both your head and your heart point in the same direction.”


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