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Tulsa Health Care History

Anesthesia in Tulsa, Oklahoma >>

The Founding, Establishment, Growth and Progress

Cardiology in the Twentieth Century >>
Contributed by R. Wayne Neal, M.D.

As the twentieth century draws to a close and as I retire from the practice of cardiology, I have been reflecting on the history of medicine, particularly on cardiology. I have listed some names and events which have come together to allow me to stand on the shoulders of many of my predecessors as I have evaluated and treated people with heart disease.

Orthopedic Manpower >> 

The Early Days (1924-1980) Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma by Jerry Sisler, M.D.

A History of Orthopedic Surgery at Saint Francis Hospital >>

By Harry Livingston, M.D.

The History of Otolaryngology in Tulsa >>

1950 – 1970
Collected and Edited by Roger E.Wehrs M.D. With Assistance By: David Merifield M.D., Munson Fuller M.D., Rollie Rhodes M.D., John Campbell M.D.


The History of Hand Surgery at St. John Hospital >>

Dr. William Harrison
Excerpt of a video recorded at William E. Harrison’s residence by Paul Patton,
Executive Director of TCMS and Jerry Sisler, MD, January 11, 2007

A History of Pediatrics in Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma >>

Dr. William Endres, assisted by his daughter Lynn.

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